Kitchen Hood Range Cleaning

Not only does cleaning a hood system help keep a restaurant clean and sterile, It also greatly reduces the risk of fires caused by flare ups in the kitchen. Cleaning hood systems properly is very important to us at Chris’ Pressure Cleaning. Every time a hood system is cleaned we know that we may have prevented a fire.

A little bit about The Fire Code in Ontario.

Ontario fire code outlines how often a hood needs cleaned and how clean is clean. The fire code follows NFPA or National Fire Protection Association Codes & Standards as stated:

Fire Code Section  “ Commercial cooking equipment exhaust and fire protection systems shall be maintained in conformance with NFPA 96, “Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations”.  ”

Chris’ Pressure Cleaning follows NFPA 96 Codes & Standards to ensure that your system will pass inspections and be safe.

Our Process.

Cleaning the hood system is very important, and maintaining it can be equally important. Chris’ Pressure Cleaning can take care of basic maintenance on your ventilation system such as access panels, & fan belts.

When Cleaning a system this is our basic process:

  1. 1.Wear proper safety gear.

  2. 2.Cover all appliances with plastic sheeting

  3. 3.Contain hood with plastic sheeting

  4. 4.Carefully hand scrape as much grease as possible

  5. 5.Access roof & clean fan

  6. 6.Hot water pressure wash & de-grease entire duct to bare metal

  7. 7.Finish cleaning bottom of hood

  8. 8.Tag the date on your hood & clean our mess.

We are always thorough, and reasonably priced. Give us a call or email for free estimate.

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